10 Top Best Belly Band of 2017

Best Belly BandIf you’re looking for one of the top 10 best belly band on the market today, you’re in luck. Commonly, searching for a belly band is difficult. Some models offer too little support while some are made from a sub-par material or pinch in all of the wrong places. Some even cause more problems than they fix.

Although this can often be a complicated process, our goal is to make it easier for you. So we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to help you understand the selection of top 10 best belly bands available to you.

Regardless of whether you need to smooth the appearance of your belly under clothing, relieve back strain, create compression for added comfort and mobility. Moreover some belly bands can do the trick that can help you support a pregnant belly.

Detailed Review of Top 10 Best Belly Band

#10 Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband

Made from 84% Nylon and 16% Cotton, the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband is a simple belly band that offers functionality and variety for pregnant women. This bellaband is capable of being folded in half to smooth the seam of jeans. In addition it stretches  to full-length to provide comfortable compression and support to the pregnant belly. This simple band makes the list of top 10 best belly band because of its versatility.

Easy to wear, maintain, and care for, this is a functional item for every woman. This is best belly band because it is ideal for all stages of pregnancy. This belly band is one thing you’ll keep around your house for subsequent pregnancies or postpartum support. Here are some of the main things women love about it:

  • Multiple color choices –This band comes in white, nude, gray, black, purple, and midnight for maximum flexibility.
  • Stay-put construction – Designed to stay securely in place, the silicone strips resists rolling or slipping.
  • Comfort – Designed to offer support without restriction, this belly band is comfortable for all-day use.

#9 Belevation Women’s Maternity Support Belly Band

Constructed from a soft, breathable mix of Nylon and Spandex, this belly band is made in the U.S. from quality fabrics. It is designed to offer comfortability and lightweight support. This best belly band is as good at lifting and compressing the belly as it is at smoothing clothing. It also helps to get dressed in the morning without all of the gapping, bunching, and pulling you experience without a belly band.

Ideal for women who are in the early stages of their pregnancy or about to give birth, this simple belly band is a comfortable, flattering, functional go-to item for everyday use. Here are some of its top traits:

  • Seamless – With this top 10 best belly band, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable seams and itchy lines. The seamless construction keeps it comfortable.
  • Multiple colors – Available in black and white, this band works perfectly under a variety of clothing.
  • Various sizes – Designed to fit women with many different body types, this comfortable band is available in small to extra-large sizes.

#8 AZMED Maternity Belt

Designed to help make pregnancy more comfortable by lifting and supporting the belly, this belly band offers support and gentle compression throughout the day. Unlike other belly bands, which simply pull up and over the belly, the AZMED belly band is fully adjustable and can be used to add more pressure whenever needed.

Best belly band are the one that fits stomachs up to 46 inches in circumference and can be used to support the weight of your growing baby and keep your abdominal muscles strong both during and after pregnancy. While the AZMED belly band has many excellent qualities, here are a few of the things that women love most about it:

  • Lightweight – Despite the fact that it offers formidable support, the AZZMED band is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Back support – While many other belly bands are designed to smooth the appearance of clothing and offer comforting compression, this band provides targeted back support to relieve back pain and make pregnancy more comfortable.
  • Decrease in abdominal separation – By supporting the belly during pregnancy, this best belly band can help prevent diastasis recti, the condition within which the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy.

#7 Leward Maternity Belt

Ideal for women who have had trouble getting another top 10 best belly band to stay in place, the Leward Maternity Belt is the perfect solution. Offering a fully adjustable construction and a sturdy, multi-layer laminate body, this belt is made to support and contain the pregnant belly more than any other belt on this list.

Designed with elastic side paneling, a built-in support belt made to strap across the top of the stomach, and adjustable design, this belly band helps relieve undue pressure and support your lower back. These things set it apart from the crowd:

  • Robust construction – Stronger and sturdier than other belly bands on this list, this model offers more structure and support than other options.
  • Adjustable shape –Ideal for use throughout pregnancy, this band can be adjusted to suit a woman’s changing needs and desires.

#6 Bracoo Maternity Support Belt

Designed to offer high-quality maternity support in a simple package, the Bracoo Breathable Abdominal Binder is comfortable, adjustable, and perfect for early or late pregnancy. Made of 80% polyester and offering a simple Velcro closure designed to allow for maximum flexibility, this simple belly band helps relieve excess pressure on the pelvis and lower back while also helping to distribute the baby’s weight evenly.

Because this band is so flexible and adjustable, it’s ideal for women who suffer from a myriad of pregnancy-related problems, including pelvic pain, back stress, and even poor posture. Here are some of the best traits of this top 10 best belly band:

  • Works as a post-pregnancy support –Use the Bracoo after you have your baby, as well. Ideal for supporting a pregnant belly or helping you regain the correct posture after giving birth, this simple support is functional for years.
  • Helps prevent uterine prolapse –Thanks to the innovative position and compression of this belt, it can help to avoid dangerous complications such as uterus prolapse.

#5 TiRain Maternity Belly Band

Made of functional cotton polyester material, this simple belly band is designed to help support the weight of a baby while also distributing strain and promoting correct pelvic posture. Breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, the TiRain top 10 best belly belt is ideal for first-time moms and subsequent moms, as well.

Boasting gentle compression and a fully adjustable construction, this band can be customized to meet your unique needs throughout the pregnancy. Ideal for women 5-9 months pregnant, this band is meant to support a growing belly and allow pregnant women to remain active and comfortable during late pregnancy. Consumers love these things about this band:

  • Double adjustable fasteners – Designed to allow for maximum adjustability, this model features Velcro fasteners that allow moms to make it as tight as needed.
  • Targeted lumbar support – With wide, structured paneling directly over the lumbar region, this belt is designed to help support the lower back as well as the belly.

#4 Mamie Vaughn Maternity Belt

Made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex construction, the Mamie Vaughn top 10 best belly band is ideal for women who want to support their bellies while also helping to prevent and reduce stretch marks throughout the pregnancy.

In addition to keeping the belly beautiful, this simple belly band adjusts seamlessly and helps to reduce pelvic joint pain during late pregnancy. The spandex and polyester construction distributes weight evenly while the lightweight construction allows you to stay comfortable in this belly band all year long. Here’s are the unique traits this product offers:

  • Color choices – Available in white or black, this belly band can be made to match your favorite outfit.
  • Lumbar support – With a wide, flat band over the lumbar region, this belly band helps reduce lower back strain and support the lumbar region.

#3 La Isla Women’s Maternity Band

Constructed from durable, seamless material and designed to reduce painful pressure points and tight areas, the La Isla band is made from a durable blend of Polyamide and Spandex, which allows it to conform to your belly and offer targeted, customized support every time you put it on.

Featuring a wide, thick under-band for added belly support, a tapered look, and no pinching, this simple band is ideal for everyday use and can be worn effortlessly beneath clothing. What’s more, it makes an effective postpartum belly support and can be used to shape the waist, help abdominal muscles pull back together, and diminish excess body weight. This unique belly band offers the following things:

  • Color choices – Customers will appreciate the fact that this bell band comes in a selection of color choices ranging from beige to back, pink, midnight, gray, and even white.
  • Breathability – The lightweight construction and seamless nature of this band make it breathable and comfortable to wear even during hot weather.

#2 Buttercup Baby Women’s Maternity Belly Bands

A simple belly band that’s ideal for everyday use, this product isn’t as supportive as some of the other bands on the list but is perfect for everyday use in early pregnancy and as a smoothing garment under clothing.

Made from comfortable, lightweight cotton, this simple belly band is ideal for moms who want to prevent gapping or embarrassing sagging of clothing while also providing light support for the pregnant belly. Here’s what this band has to offer:

  • Various sizes – Available in various sizes to fit different body types, this band is ideal for women of all sizes.
  • Colors – Available in blue, gray, and beige, this belly band blends seamlessly beneath clothing and enhances the look of your outfits.
  • Versatility – Depending on your preference, this belly band can be worn over or under clothing.

#1 Babybellyband Abdominal Belt

Number one of the top 10 best belly band list is the Babybellyband Abdominal Belt. Made from soft, supportive, body-shaping neoprene, spandex, and nylon, this hand-wash and -dry belly band offers unparalleled support for all stages of pregnancy. What’s more, it offers groin compression bands that can help prevent painful and unsightly pregnancy-related hernias.

Ideal for women who want full support from the help of a high-quality, durable, long-lasting belly band, this simple belly band can help prevent common complications like round ligament pain and varicosities. Here’s what you’ll love about this model:

  • Easy to wear – Fully adjustable and easy to put on, this simple belly band is ideal for daily use for women who need extra support.
  • Soft fabric – Comfortable and soft beneath clothing, this simple band offers soft yet compressive support.
  • Versatile construction – Can be used with or without the groin straps for a personalized and variable support system during pregnancy.

The Bottom Line

If you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, a belly band is a real must-have item. In addition to helping support the belly while pregnant, a good belly band can also provide tapered, targeted compression that can distribute the baby’s changing weight evenly and help your pelvis, low back, and spine stay in good shape.

What’s more, wearing a belly band on a regular basis can help prevent stretch marks and dangerous complications like uterine prolapse, and may even help you get back into shape quicker after your baby is born. These things help to make for a happier, more active pregnancy and can provide the care your body needs to stay healthy throughout.

While there are many belly bands on the market, this top 10 best belly band list is designed to help you sort through the duds and find a belly band that truly works for you – without all of the trial and error that was associated with shopping for pregnancy supports before.

Regardless of whether you’re newly pregnant or struggling to stay comfortable with your due date just weeks away, these belly bands are designed to help you stay active, healthy, happy, and supported all throughout your pregnancy. Moms everywhere swear by them, and these belly bands will quickly become your go-to pregnancy garment both now and into the future.

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