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There areFitaid Review many products claiming to increase Muscle Endurance and Muscular Strength of individuals engaging in crucial physical activities but Fit AID is an expert in producing personalized products. Life AID produces five different drinks FitAID, FocusAID, PartyAID, and TravelAID GolferAID. It designs supplements blended with vitamins, healthy nutrients, and other herbs to provide its consumers with maximum results. Life AID is run by entrepreneurs who hold great expertise in fields related to nutrition and health. Its team of brilliant beverage scientists and owners with nutritional expertise is what makes Life AID’s products unique.

These drinks are designed that target various needs of athletes including respiratory cardio endurance, stamina and speed strength. They are gluten free and paleo-friendly with refreshing flavors. Life AID makes sure there are no artificial sweeteners used and all the supplements guarantee excellence for athletes. The company provides its services with the help of its distributors all over the country and you can also buy using this link. It also extends its distribution internationally in many countries like Mexico, South Africa, Europe and Australia. Many athletes all over the world have benefitted from Life AID drinks and recommend them confidently.

To improve muscular strength and muscle endurance it is best to use fit aid as it gives an array of products meant for different needs. It is one of the few things that help improve muscle endurance, besides muscle endurance exercises. Each of them is designed to target a different requirement of your active lifestyle. Here is the fitaid review for each product:

1. FIT AID – Muscle Endurance and Muscular Strength

fit aidFit AID is a supplement drink designed to enhance your workout performance which leads to improve in Muscle Endurance and Muscular Strength. It is one of the safest supplements for muscle recovery. That means you can benefit from it not only during the muscle endurance exercises but also after you’re done with them! It constitutes blend of powerful ingredients that make it suitable for people who engage in crucial physical activities on daily basis. To improve muscle endurance and muscular strength it is best to use fit aid. Each ingredient in fit aid plays a unique role to provide you muscular strength and agility. So, it’s time to put all your sports beverages aside and befriend fitAID drink.

What makes Fit AID drink so effective?

This fitAID review will tell you all about healthy ingredients packed in fitAID drink because they are what make fitAID effective. Each one of them is scientifically backed in its role and collectively they provide your body with tremendous workout support, which results in improving muscle endurance and muscular strength. The ingredient list contains:

  • BCAAs

BCCAs are branched chain amino acids used in many supplements for muscle recovery. Any high end exercise causes exertion to your muscles because it makes them work more than usual. This abuse can lead to muscle damage and onset of post-workout muscle soreness. Onset of muscle soreness decreases work-out performance but BCCAs added in fitAID rescue you. They reduce exercise-related muscle damage by synthesizing muscular proteins. Science has also proved that BCCAs is one of the supplements for muscle recovery and boost immune system. FitAID also contains glutamine, which is an alpha-amino acid- one of the most effective supplements for muscle endurance and muscular strength.

  • Glucosamine

Your joints also need special attention during heavy exercise and fit AID makes sure they are never ignored. It contains glucosamine to provide joints with healthy nutrition. Glucosamine is a biological substance present in cartilage naturally. It acts as a cushion between your bones and prevents friction between them. So, fit AID supplements your body with glucosamine and keeps joints frictionless and pain-free!

  • Electrolytes

Muscle cramping is a common problem for runners and athletes. It occurs due to the depletion of electrolytes during exercise. So, if you supplement your body with electrolytes before work out, your muscular stamina increases many folds. Electrolyte balance doesn’t get disturbed readily and your performance enhances! You can work-out for a longer time before your muscles cramp. Fit AID caters this need with plenty of electrolytes packed in it. This makes fit aid one of the best supplements for muscle recovery.

  • Vitamins

Fit AID drink also has a handful of vitamins. It contains vitamin B complex, C, E and D3. Vitamin B increases energy levels and endurance while other three take part in immune boosting phenomenon. They also have anti-oxidant properties which tend to fight free radicals produced in your body as a result of high metabolism rate. These free radicals, if not leashed, damage your cellular membranes.

  • Green tea leaf extract

Along with vitamin B complex, green tea extract also enhances your endurance. Quercetin is another ingredient in fit AID that boosts energy and endurance levels.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric acts as a magical, totally natural anti-inflammatory treat for you. It has curcumin as a biologically active compound which has anti-inflammatory powers. Research backs this claim so, with fit AID you’re in safe zone with any sports related injuries. It also provides agility and flexibility, keeping you alert during work-out.[ii]

  • Omega-3

Omega-3 is famous for its cardio-protective roles. It decreases the risk of heart attack, strokes and other cardiac morbidities significantly. Due to its high cardio-protective status, it has made its way into fit AID.

  • Raw organic blue agave

This is a natural sweetener with low glycemic index. Fit AID doesn’t want you to compromise on your sugar consumption so, no artificial sweetener is used, and raw organic blue agave is added as a healthy choice!

What does it taste like?

With all these ingredients blended together for muscle endurance, it seems like fit AID will taste bland! But, it’s not true. Fit AID drink has a light citrusy flavor with a tinge of sweetness! So, it’s not only healthy but also delicious!

2. FOCUSAID – Mental Acuity and Cardio Endurance


Cardio Endurance

FocusAID is another Life AID product to your service. It’s not just another carbonated beverage in a can, it’s a legit nootropic! To all the nerds and geeks out there, who want to improve focus and learning, this is a drink for you. Nootropic is a supplement that works on brain and keeps it alert and active. Mostly they are available in market in form of capsules but focusAID is a drink so you can expect maximum absorption.

FocusAID is designed to improve cognitive function, memory and learning capacity of the consumer. Since it reduces fatigues levels, it works best for enhancing muscular strength and cardio endurance. It tastes delicious, owing to its light flavor and is packed with a bunch of healthy ingredients.

What ingredients are packed in focusAID?

FocusAID contains a variety of ingredients that work effectively to improve brain efficiency. Some of them with their respective roles are:

  • GABA

Gamma-amino butyric acid is a neurotransmitter in brain, responsible for transmission and coordination. It also releases dopamine in your brain, which not only alleviates stress but also improves focus.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is an extensively used herb packed in focusAID. It’s 100% natural ingredient that helps in coping stress. It improves exercise performance, reduces fatigue and elevates mood. FocusAID has significant amount of Rhodiola Rosea so, you can use it to improve concentration and brain stamina.

  • Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC has been used as a medicine for treating Alzheimer’s disease. It’s because alpha-GPC is brain protective and improves functioning. It enhances memory and cognition by increasing acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter in brain associated with learning and memory. So, with focusAID containing plenty of alpha-GPC, your learning skills improve in no time!

  • Yerba Mate / Green Tea

These two ingredients are high in caffeine and theanine. They are responsible for providing your body with an active dosage of stimulants. Caffeine keeps your brain alert and reduces fatigue. They also decrease physical tiredness which means focusAID takes care of your muscular strength. One unique characteristic of these ingredients is provision of clean energy! Clean energy means there’s a constant and smooth boost in energy instead of peak and crash effect. To improve muscle endurance it is best to drink focusAID before workout because yerba mate keeps you working out for a longer time. Yerba mate and Green tea are 100% natural so, you don’t need to worry about side effects.

  • American Ginseng

American ginseng is added in focusAID to increase your muscle endurance and muscular strength. It makes your body adaptable to high stress levels. Now, you don’t need muscle endurance exercises to increase your stamina because focusaid, filled with American ginseng, is on your service! Research says American ginseng also enhances your memory and increases brain power.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is proven to have neuro-protective effects in people who consume alcohol. It’s one of the most popular nootropics used for improving brain functioning. It is added in focusAID for balancing your neurotransmitters and improving memory levels. With such healthy ingredients, you not only get a healthy brain but also a body which is epitome of fitness!

3. PARTYAID – Muscle Recovery and Cardiac Endurance 

Muscular StrengthLife AID pays attention to your work as well as fun life. PartyAID is a unique drink designed for weekend warriors who love to party! It’s like a muscle recovery supplement you need after party to prevent that nasty hangover. It has high amount of healthy ingredients that help you in feeling energized after a long night. They also increase your stamina to party a little longer. Here is the fitAID review for partyaid:

What ingredients are packed in PartyAID?

  • L-Tyrosine

L-tyrosine is the most important ingredient in partyAID. All the neurotransmitters in your brain are derived from this amino acid. So, a supplement containing L-tyrosine means flood of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. These are happy chemicals that elevate your mood and make you feel good about yourself. So, a can of partyAID lands you in a genuine party mood!

  • Vitamins B, C & D

Vitamins provide a healthy supplementation for boosting immunity.

  • Milk Thistle

Milk thistle detoxifies your liver. It protects your body from all the harmful food or alcohol you consume while partying. Research has also proved its liver protecting abilities and PartyAID manipulates this ability to give you a clean body. You don’t feel lethargic and your energy levels stay put even after long party night!

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral that reduces fatigue and keeps your energy levels intact. PartyAID has plenty of magnesium in it so that your stamina never goes down the drain.

  • Electrolytes

Electrolyte balance is necessary for preventing muscle cramping and enhancing endurance. Electrolytes present in PartyAID helps you in prolonging your workout time. So, next time you wonder how to increase running stamina , PartyAID is the answer for you.

Flavor: Berry

4. TRAVELAID – Muscular Strength and Cardiac Endurance

fitaid drinkTravelling is a passion for many but it’s not easy! With flight stress, exposure to various germs and sneezing passengers all around, it becomes a mess. You need to know about your strength and weakness before setting out. However, life aid has a perfect solution for you – TravelAID! A drink that helps you in keeping your travel troubles at bay. It has no caffeine and is completely devoid of artificial flavors. So, travelAID is like a shake that boosts your immune system and ease your travel troubles. Here is the fitAID review for travelaid:

What ingredients are packed in travelAID?

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is a natural ingredient with hundreds of health benefits. Research has proved its positive impacts on human health. Most prominent is its soothing effect. It reduces flight anxiety and calms your nerves. It also provides anti-inflammatory effects and cures common cold. It alleviates gastric disturbances and various skin ailments. So, you don’t need to worry about all the disease exposure because travelAID is here to rescue you!

  • Ginger Root

Motion sickness is a common problem while travelling. TravelAID is packed with ginger root which helps in reducing motion sickness.

  • Vitamins A, C, D3

Along with chamomile, a high dosage of vitamins is also packed in travelAID. This dose makes sure that your immune system is highly armed against any foreign invader that comes your way during travelling.

  • Turmeric

Another problem that travelers often face is swelling in feet or other body parts. For this purpose travelAID had turmeric powder. Curcumin present in turmeric powder has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and tends to reduce swelling.

Flavor: TravelAID is available in light ginger flavor.

5. GOLFERAID Muscular Strength and Muscle Recovery

Muscle EnduranceFor a successful golf game, you need mental acuity, confidence, healthy joints and muscular strength. All these qualities can be achieved by one can of golferAID, isn’t it amazing? GolferAID is especially designed by keeping in consideration the requirements of golfers. Here goes the fitAID review for golferaid:

What ingredients are packed in golferAID?

  • Co-Q10

Co-q10 is the best recovery supplement used for improving mental acuity. It acts on your brain, enhances its focusing abilities and improves mental insight. It also helps in reducing premature aging because co-q10 has power to pacify free radicals in your body. So, golferAID keeps you young as well as active in the game!

  • Bilberry

Bilberry is a natural plant known to improve vision. In World War II, pilots who consumed bilberry jam reported better nighttime vision. Research has also proved this role of bilberry. Sharp visual acuity is a prerequisite for golfers so; golferAID is packed with bilberry extract. It provides you mental as well as visual precision.

  • Glucosamine

GolferAID has glucosamine which provides you bone support. It keeps your joints healthy by maintaining cushion between your bones. This way, it acts as an excellent bone support.

  • BCAAs

BCAAs are known to help with muscle endurance activities. Besides improving muscle endurance activities, it also improves speed strength. It works like a recovery shake that works by increasing protein synthesis in muscles. So, any damage that golf inflicts on your muscles is recovered by BCAAs present in golferAID. Therefore, it acts as a perfect muscle recovery supplement. BCCA is an effective recovery shake.

Flavor: It’s available in light citrus flavors.

These five products formulated by Life AID serve different health purposes. They impact your body and brain both by keeping you physically and mentally fit. These drinks aid you in maintaining an active lifestyle effortlessly and provide many side health perks. Muscle endurance exercises and fit aid complement each other. Fit aid drinks also elevate your mood, boost your immune system and enhance the sense of general well-being.

Ingredients used in them are natural which mean you can use Life AID products without fearing side-effects. They are available in delicious flavors so that you can cherish them while drinking. On top of everything, Life AID is a range of the best recovery supplements that are gluten-free and paleo-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a drink of your choice now and enjoy keeping a healthy, active lifestyle.

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