10 Positive Things to do Every Day for Better Living in 2017

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Positive Things to doDid you know that people who focus on positive things to do live longer? Not only that, but they also enjoy more fulfilling lives and more active social circles? With those benefits in mind, it’s clear that positivity is a smart thing to strive for, and that people who create it can create exponentially better lives for themselves.

If you’ve ever wished you felt more positive and happy on a daily basis, or wondered how to create a brighter outlook for yourself, the answer is simple: develop a list of positive things to do every single day. In addition to giving you a set of new goals to meet, it will also help improve your life and enhance your outlook, starting right now.

Want to be Happier? Here are 10 Positive Things to do Every Day

Whether you’ve been feeling in a funk lately, or you just want to enjoy more optimism and enthusiasm in your daily life, making a list of positive things to do daily is a smart move. Here are ten initial suggestions:

  1. Keep A Gratitude Journal

The concept of a gratitude journal is simple: you keep a notebook with you at all times, and in the morning and the evening, you write down three things that happened that day or that you noticed right then that made you grateful. These things could be small (“A coworker bought my coffee”) or large (“My father walked away from his car accident unscathed”).

For best results, write in your gratitude journal right after you wake up and right before you go to bed. Focus on being grateful for the simple things, like the feel of the sun on your shoulders or the health of your favorite dog. One of the best positive things to do, a gratitude journal can transform your outlook.

  1. Get Some Fresh Air

Even if you love hitting the gym, there’s no replacement for fresh air. Fresh air clears out grogginess, makes us feel alert, puts us in touch with the outside world, and helps us feel alive and brisk.

With this in mind, make some time each day to get outside and take a few big lungfuls of fresh air.

Even a simple, 20-minute walk in the mornings will do the trick. Be sure that, when you get outside, you’re dressing for the elements and wearing sun protection, since the pleasure of fresh air can quickly be ruined by a bad sunburn or frozen toes.

  1. Make Time For 30 Minutes Of Cardio

Studies have found that 30 minutes of cardio a day, at least five times a week, has been shown to help you maintain a healthy weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, improve the strength of the muscles, and boost your endurance. It’s also a great source of stress relief.

No matter how busy you are, make it a habit to get 30 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike each day. If you’d prefer not to head to the gym, get out for a run or a brisk hike. When you keep your body fit and healthy, it’s easier for your mind to follow.

  1. Let The Past Go

It’s very easy to get caught up living in the past. Things we’ve done wrong, relationships that went bad, poor decisions, and old hurts often rear their ugly heads, making it difficult for us to live in the present and dragging us back to old places of hurt and betrayal. Unfortunately, these feelings prevent us from living fully in the present and make it harder to enjoy a happy mindset. As such, people who want to focus on positive things to do make a habit of letting go of the past. No matter how painful or colorful it was, it can’t help us live our current lives, and will only interrupt the work we’re trying to do now.

With this in mind, work hard on releasing negative, past-focused thoughts, and developing plans for today, instead.

  1. Talk To Other People

Social interaction is critical for developing a positive outlook. To feel happier and healthier every day, focus on developing a series of positive things to do that involve other people. For example, call your grandmother on the phone just to say hello, or take your coworker out to lunch. These small gestures of kindness can go a long way, both for you and the other person.

  1. Repeat Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are short phrases that help you feel better and more confident about yourself. Simple lines like “I am capable,” or “I will succeed,” can give you the confidence you need to enter uncomfortable situations or make new connections. For best results, repeat your positive affirmations several times each day, specifically in the morning and whenever you’re on the way into a new situation.

  1. Smile A Lot

Smiling is one of the most positive things to do every day. Simple, free, and available to anyone, smiling takes up no time or effort, and can provide an excellent ROI. Even when you feel unhappy or scared, try to smile. Over time, you’ll trick your brain into thinking you’re happier than you are, and you’ll be able to create a more positive outlook.

  1. Take Discomfort In Stride

Pain and sadness are a part of life, and there’s no way to enjoy the happy, carefree moments without also enduring some of these difficult moments. With this in mind, work on developing a mindset that takes discomfort in stride. In addition to helping you cope with confusion and difficulty, this will help you navigate hard times more easily. One of the most positive things to do every day, this simple step is a great one to start right now.

  1. Take Responsibility

No matter how positive you are, there are times you will make mistakes. During these moments, it’s important to take responsibility. When you blame other people for your problems, it’s impossible to solve them efficiently, and you wind up becoming bitter and resentful. To avoid this, focus on taking responsibility for your part in life.  That’s one of the only ways you can make it go your way.

  1. Focus On The Good Things

There are plenty of good things to pay attention to in everyday life. From the smiles of kids or grandkids to the welcoming approach of a close friend or relative. When you focus on these things rather than the pain and difficulty life can bring, you’ll notice yourself being healthier and happier. It’s one of the simple, positive things to do every day. What’s more, focusing on the good things can give you the perspective and power you need to make more of them happen.

Positivity Made Easy

Being a more positive person doesn’t have to be hard – just focus on these positive things to do every day and enjoy a brighter outlook on the world around you. From taking responsibility for your actions to enjoying more quality time with the people you love, there are dozens of simple, free, and effective ways to enjoy a more cohesive and uplifting lifestyle.

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